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Lost Your Job? Cook A New One!

by NICHOLAS THANG, CEO & Founder at Honest Butcher by Chefnickt
Are you someone who loves cooking and your career has been disrupted by the pandemic?

Well, then this is a very suitable course for you.

This e-learning is taught by one of the Malaysia's most sought-after chef, restaurant & kitchen establisher in the F&B industry; Nicholas Thang.

In this course you will learn not only how to cook mouth-watering ready-to-sell foods, but also all the ins and outs of how to build your own food business, online and physical eateries. You will also learn how to create your own profitable menus, recipes, pitfalls to avoid and how to turn all these into a profitable business, suitable for both ONLINE & offline patrons. Nicholas will reveal to you all his secret tips and tricks of starting and maintaining a successful F&B pursuit.

Who should subscribe to this course?

Anyone who wants to learn about the fine art of tasty cooking, as well as all the business aspects of starting a F&B business tailored for this challenging COVID-conomy.

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Secrets Of A Successful YouTube Channel

by ANDREW BOEY, creator of Beyond Photography channel on YouTube
In this e-learning course, you will learn how to turn your YouTube channel into a profitably & successful one! Andrew, a YouTube award-winner, will guide you step by step from getting started, getting the attention of viewers, gaining organic subscribers and getting monetized correctly. He will reveal the secrets of the Fastest way to achieve all the above. Andrew will also share many interesting workflows and steps that can keep you motivated, inspired and creatively unique so that your YouTube channel can get thousands of subscribers and viewers per month.

Who should subscribe to this course?

Anyone who wants to make start a YouTube channel, turn your channel into a profitable one, or simply someone who is keen to learn ways to tell stories on YouTube through videos that will captivate viewers' attention and gain digital fans.

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Fashionable Leather Crafts

by SEMURNI BALQIS, founder of Moor Leather & Craft
Interested to get started and learn leather craft? Want to turn your leather creations into items of fashion and sell them online profitably? If so, then this is the right course for you! This course is conducted by Guiness Book Of World Record holder Semurni Balqis. Semurni will guide you step-by-step on how to get started even if you have zero knowledge in leather crafting. You can then quickly progress to effortlessly make fashionable leather accessories like leather bracelets, bangles, stationery cases, folios, briefcases and stylish leather-wares. Semurni will also reveal to you her best-kept secrets of selling them online plus the tips & tricks of turning this online business into something that is awesomely profitable and fulfilling! This will be a great skill and secondary income to invest in, during such post-pandemic time.

Who should subscribe to this course?

Anyone who is interested in leather craft and curious how to get started and eventually turn this skill into a sustaining secondary income.

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Work From Home Effectively

by WENDY LEE, Professional BrandImage Consultant, Adjunct Professor, President of MABIC
Let’s learn from Wendy why happiness matters. Learn how to manage stress, especially when being confined and working from home. Learn to meet goals, shine as a super-star employee, and how to start the day looking and feeling fabulous. Wendy shares with you her famous look good, feel good mantras and secrets in the e-learning course.

Who should subscribe to this course?

Anyone who wants to to know why happy people have less stress, work better and gain more likes and love everyday...

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